How to Paint Brake Calipers

Vehicles with open-spoke alloy wheels have their brakes visible, which means owners can show off their brake calipers and apply different colours and logos.

Most sports cars have painted calipers, and you might desire a similar look.

Painting the brake calipers will give your car a tasteful custom look.

We can Paint your brake calipers by removing the wheels from the car, and preparing the surface properly using a combination of tools so the paint will stick to the calipers and give them a more polished high gloss finish.


If you wish to do this yourself instead of having it professionally done, here is some tips.


1. For safe job it is best to have 2 wheels off at a time. You will need 2 jacks for this
Start by jacking up the car at the passenger side at the jack points at the front wheel and rear wheel.
Take off the wheels either side to expose your brake calipers.

2. Preparation is everything and this is where you want to put the most attention in.
Clean your brake calipers with a wire brush and brake cleaner and wipe off with clean cloth
Repeat this process until they are dry and free from grease

3. After you have cleaned both sides give them another de grease with wax and grease remover

4.Mask up all the areas you do not want painted , use newspaper and masking tape to cover the rotors, suspension and everything behind the caliper.
We also recommend covering some of the car body surrounding the wheel enclosure.

5.Apply a metal or heat proof primer to your break calipers.
Apply the first coat by hand with a paintbrush ( spray your paint into a container to make this method possible)
Make sure when painting your brake calipers that you cover all the tricky curvy areas and hard to reach areas with aerosol application.
Wait until hand primer is dry and apply 2 spray coats of primer waiting between each coat for the layers to be dry.

6. Now apply your heat proof paint , spray in thin layers so that the paint does not run.
use a paint brush to reach tricky areas.
Wait till dry or use heat gun and repeat several coats.

7. ( Optional ) After the color coats are dry and you are happy with coverage you may choose to apply a decal.  This is the time to do it.
Apply your decal as according to decal manufacturer instructions.
Note** Decals should be heat proof so make sure you purchase high grade vinyl decals.

8. Now apply 2 heat proof clear coats on your break calipers waiting for paint to be dry before each coat.

9. Put your car in neutral and rotate the disks to expose any overspray, clean this up using sand paper and mineral turpentine.

10. Put your wheels back on and repeat this for the rear.

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